photographer • music video director • museum geek • ucla • 日本語 • wardrobe stylist 

capricorn • mother • producer • arts patron • tea and bowie forever

Despite all the various surnames I've directed under, I was serendipitiously given the nickname of Hollyvinyl not becuase of my sincere love of music, but because I used to make and wear a lot of clothing made of PVC, aka vinyl.  Polyvinyl Chloride = Hollyvinyl Chloride = Hollyvinyl.  Thank you, Professor Jones, for the perfect moniker (which is now my legal name).

Photography and music will always be where I find inspiration, solace, incentive, reason, and happiness.  I would like to thank the DJ's and artists who are in some way responsible for every music video and photograph on this website: Garth Trinidad, Def Sound, Novena Carmel, Anthony Valadez, and Aaron Byrd. 

Thank you for visiting...